parent participation

Through active participation at school, our parents gain a better understanding of their child’s behavior and development, sharpen their parenting skills, and build long-lasting relationships with other families.

Parent participation is essential to our school and required for your child to attend. All families must:

work in the classroom

Parent leading an activity about ladybugs in the classroomOnce a week, you will assist our teachers in your child’s classroom. The day you participate is determined by the teacher and you. Your job will rotate weekly between the various classroom jobs which range from supervising children in a particular play area to preparing an activity for the children.

Working in the classroom helps parents become more objective about their children. Seeing your child interact with other children can help you understand and interpret her development and behavior. Parents also get ideas on how to handle situations by watching other parents and teachers deal with problems that arise.

Please note that only parents—no grandparents, older siblings, or nannies—may work in the classroom.

attend parent education classes

As a parent at our school, you will be enrolled in our parent education program. This program includes lectures from expert speakers on child growth and development, guidance from teachers on working with preschool-age children, and discussions of issues observed in the classroom.

Meetings are typically held one night a month. These meetings are a great opportunity to connect with your fellow parents, as well as learn and practice valuable parenting skills to be applied in the classroom and at home.

serve on a committee or board

As a cooperative, we depend on our parents to administer and run the school. You will serve on a committee of your choice or our Board of Directors. Committee jobs range from ordering school supplies to creating homemade play dough for the classroom.

work one maintenance day

Keep our school clean and well-organized by working one maintenance day (just 3 hours) each year.

participate in fundraising

Participating in fundraising events provides the school with funds for capital improvements or emergencies. Attendance at our annual auction (and a donation of at least one item) is required.