health forms and policies

for children

To attend our school, every child needs:

  • A Physician’s Report completed and signed by your pediatrician
  • Copy of current vaccination record
  • Allergy Action Plan completed by physician (only required if child has a food or insect bite allergy)

The school complies with all federal and state laws regarding immunizations. In addition, due to our particular circumstances as a cooperative nursery school, and in the interest of the health and safety of our community, all children enrolled in the co-op and all parents working in the classroom are required to receive the immunizations required by California law. No exemptions will be allowed.

for working parents

As of 2015, California State law requires proof of certain vaccinations for all parents who plan to work or volunteer in the classroom, even one day during the year. You do not need to have original documentation of these vaccinations. A blood test titer showing immunization is sufficient.

For Parents, the State requires proof of:

  • TB Test taken within the past 4 years
  • Pertussis Vaccination (frequently part of a TDAP)
  • Measles Vaccination (frequently part of an MMR)
  • MA Co-Op Flu Shot Waiver (getting the flu shot is optional, but a signed waiver is required)

If the non-working parent in your family will work even once during the year, that parent must submit vaccination records as well.

form downloads

Vaccination records and titers can be submitted on your provider’s forms.

Please contact the Health and Safety Chairs with any questions.